Everyone has an idea.
Every idea needs to spread.
Do you work in a large corporation?
Do you want to change something but aren't in charge?


I'm Rex Williams

A curious, loyally subversive corporate revolutionary.

I want to help you spread an idea and make change happen.

When you work in a large corporation, you can sometimes feel frustrated that you don't have the power to make significant changes.

I want to give you the hope that you can.

I've been making change happen with many careers in a large corporation for 26 years without rising up through management. In the process, I've learned a few things about how to spread an idea and get support from both the bottom and top of the company.

I'm a mechanical engineer by education, with a Masters in Engineering Management and an MBA. But all that means is that I like to learn, and since I've earned my formal degrees, I've learned so much more through insightful business books and my own experience navigating the corporate labyrinth.

Making change happen in a large corporation when you don't have authority is an awesome challenge. And I'll show you the principles and tactics you can use to meet that challenge. 

Get my free 8 page e-book (or slide presentation) describing the basic principles and framework for starting a movement.

It'll take you 5 minutes to read, but will give you keys to change your company, your career, and maybe even your life!

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